“Try Not To Break Skin Barrier”

The additive accumulates on the skin.
Select additive-free cosmetics and no burden on your skin for daily cosmetics.
Also cosmetics that cures the original humidity performance of the skin.
LIFT BEAUTE was debuted with such thought.



Functionally additive-free cosmetics

Not destroy the keratin function barrier.
All the lineup of LIFT BEAUTE is below.
Please find the details of each product and purchase here.

Sun Protect UV Base

UV base
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Air Moist/ Air Fit UV Foundation

UV Foundation
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UV Platina Silky Powder

UV Powder
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Balm cleansing

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Pure facial soap

facial soap
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Exer lotion

humidity retention lotion
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Pure colla serum

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Exer cleam

humidity retention cream
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Exer oil

skin oil
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Plus information


We update the good usage, FAQ,
customer review of LIFT BEAUTE series.

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“Good usage”

Learn the way to use LIFT BEAUE effectively.

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Answer your questions about LIFT BEAUTE.

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“Customer review”

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What's New



We update the latest news about LIFT BEAUTE.

“Exer series now come out on 1st August”


Exer cream and lotion are finally released under supervision of professional beauty beautician.

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“Enthusiastic reception in press”


The party for professional beautician’s first publication and supervising cosmetics was held and met with an enthusiastic reception.

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“Face dance to remove facial sagging”


Fist her publication ranked 1st place in Amazon among skin care, beauty and diet categories.

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The supervision of Okyan Mom


“Thoughts that put in LIFT BEAUTE”


LIFT BEAUTE is my supervising functionally additive-free cosmetics that do not destroy the skin barrier but expect anti-aging effect. Because I was a cosmetic gypsy and have tried various cosmetics by myself, I believe these lineups are the best cosmetics. Try these even if you have or don’t have any skin troubles. These cosmetics will promise good effects. Please try for 3 months at the very beginning. Only small changes may appear and feeling may improve. Please compare before and after 3 months, however. Tender loving care your skin every day.

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